Premier League says clubs will not back 'Project Big Picture'

Posted 2 weeks ago 14 Oct 2020 by Opeoluwa

Premier League clubs have "unanimously agreed" that 'Project Big Picture' will not be "endorsed or pursued".

The controversial plans, proposed by Liverpool and Manchester United, were rejected at a meeting of the 20 clubs in England's top flight on Wednesday.

Instead, all clubs agreed to "work together" on a new "strategic plan" for the "financing of English football".

The clubs also decided on a £50m rescue package for League One and Two clubs at the meeting.

A Premier League statement said "discussions will also continue with the EFL" over financial support for the Championship.

'Project Big Picture' involved reducing the Premier League from 20 to 18 clubs and scrapping the EFL Cup and Community Shield.

In addition, the English Football League would have got 25% of all future TV deals, which would have been negotiated jointly, plus a £250m bail-out.

However, it would also have seen more power transferred to the so-called 'big six' Premier League clubs.

In its statement, the Premier League said its members had "agreed to work together as a 20-club collective on a strategic plan for the future structures and financing of English football, consulting with all stakeholders to ensure a vibrant, competitive and sustainable football pyramid".

It added: "Clubs will work collaboratively, in an open and transparent process, focusing on competition structure, calendar, governance and financial sustainability.

"This project has the full support of the FA and will include engagement with all relevant stakeholders including fans, government and, of course, the EFL."


Na only mumu club like Man go like may EPL dey 18 teams

So since lockdown the only thing buschester was thinking is how to reduce the league to 18 team

2 weeks ago

Chaiii united and Liverpool no get handwork .
This is why Liverpool and united are where they are this season. Instead of them to think about how they will improve their squad ,they were thinking about reducing d teams to 18teams.
So that westham,palace,Southampton,Brighton will stop trashing them not knowing they are digging their own grave.
Especially united

2 weeks ago

I don't want project big picture plans to take place.. Simply cux I deyy fell sorry for united cux if they do it ,na them go relegate with d kind form them deyy now.

All clubs deserve equal voting rights to Vote against this ,which one is just 14 clubs votes is needed, as If say na 14 clubs deyy play EPL. Like say also na clubs weyy don deyy EPL for too long. I disagree

2 weeks ago

Sharkmaster: Na only mumu club like Man go like may EPL dey 18 teams

So since lockdown the only thing buschester was thinking is how to reduce the league to 18 team

Ahhh deyyy tell u bro.
Chelsea, city, arsenal, Tottenham, Leicester no fit get time for these rubbish plans cux they are doing their business ,
United chairman and owners no get handwork.
Thats why they are leading this evil plan.

Even crystal palace weyy be d oldest club in England and one of d oldest in d world.never suggest this kind thing na ordinary old toilet fc deyy suggest am

2 weeks ago

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