Cristiano Ronaldo KO's steward with shot during Man-Utd warm up at Young Boys

Posted 2 days ago 15 Sep 2021 by ameenu

CRISTIANO RONALDO accidentally KO'd a match steward while warming up for Manchester United's clash at Young Boys.

The Portugal star misfired a ball wide of the goal as he limbered up for the Champions League group stage game.

And Ronaldo instead hit an innocent steward standing on the sideline.

The fierce impact of the ball saw the person crash straight to the ground.

People around quickly looked to make sure the steward was OK.

And Ronaldo himself immediately went over to check in on the prone person.

After knowing the steward was well, Ronaldo ran back onto the pitch to continue his warm-up.

And he cheered the steward up after the final whistle by giving her his jersey.

But the incident didn't put Ronnie off his stride, as he opened the scoring in Switzerland after just 13 minutes following a sumptuous assist from Bruno Fernandes.

It was Ronaldo's third goal in just two games for his 'new' club.

The legendary forward scored twice on his second debut in United's 4-1 win against Newcastle on Saturday.

But United fell apart as they went down to ten men before conceding a last-gasp winnner.

Ronnie also moved level with Iker Casillas tonight for the most Champions League appearances in history.


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The Manchester United Star ⭐ made a nice gesture 🙌 by giving his jersey to the steward who was so excited 😊

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2 days ago

Ronaldo come and shot me no just play any shot I will follow d ball

2 days ago

Ronaldo come and shot me no just play any shot I will follow d ball

2 days ago


2 days ago

It was just unfortunate say them no win the match

2 days ago

nice guy

1 day ago

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